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You've either stumbled in here because you know me, or because I listed this site at some point years ago with a few search engines and it will forever be lodged in the internet's memory, no matter how much I want it gone.

Follow the links at the top to get a general idea about me, there used to be a bit more that was more specific about me, but, I just don't feel like rewriting it and it was dated. And no, this is not another one of those blogs, or web journals, or anything like that, if I ever get the urge to share my day with random strangers, I'll go outside and talk to the locals.

I will however share a bit of the history of the name fuzzybunny, even if I'm not quite sure how I wound up getting stuck with it as my alter ego. Back before I had any idea there was an internet (back before most people knew, sometime around 87 or 88) a gradeschool accquaintance and I decided we would grow up to make comic books (little did I know I'd wind up working in a business that some would say is way more childish and a lot less creative).

Thus was born Punk Rock Bunny, an early version of the character that you used to see as the background on this page. My friend wrote, I drew, that was how it worked, several years went by as we tried to find a way to do this, to get ourselves into making a comic book, and sometime in highschool we actually started to make an attempt, it fizzled. I kept my sketchbooks, I kept drawing the little rabbit out of habit, and he's stayed with me since.

05/12/04 - Had fun for the most part over the weekend at Convergence 10 here in Chicago. Pictures have gone up, you can check them out here.

Photoblog started today, 3/12/2005 To ease the viewing of some of my favorite pics...i bring you Film? What Film? my photoblogging attempt and Neo Photoblog - a bloglike listing of some of my favorite neo pics. A sampling of my favorites from the shots linked above, as well as some new and unseen pics.

Before 05/12/04 - In the interest of evening out the page...some new stuff over here... Pictures from Neo Nightclub (in Chicago) (which you can also get to from the other side of the page in the new Sony pics) are here. Simin also has quite a few pics up on her site Neo's official site is now up at

Also new and just put on the web, I've gotten most of the work on Vincent Grech's website done. Check it out at


Long time no update...busy working and well, slacking. I got a new toy, a Sony DSC-F717 digital camera. It's can be seen here.

2003 NaNoWriMo work is here. 2004 coming soon.

My artwork is now available on coffee mugs, mouse pads and tile coasters from
NEW ITEMS JUST ADDED: including a frisbee, a clock and more.

Check out and get your old scratchy wear.

Also take a look at the family page, one of my current works in progress

Just launched, my redesign of the Counterpoint Networking website. Take a look

I'm thinking that I need to order a couple prints, and at least one original piece from Shadowscapes. I just came across the site randomly, and was stopped dead by a few of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's work.

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